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Pretreated biomass (WP1 + WP6)
Further optimisation of the pre-treatment to meet the requirements from other partners and production of pre-treated biomass for multiple WP’s and partners in SUPRABIO. Different fractions from selected processes steps in the BioGasol pilot plant will also be distributed to the partners.

Isolation and metabolic engineering (WP2)
By implementing BioGasols unique cloning techniques for metabolic engineering in thermophilic bacteria, BioGasol will perform genetic alterations in selected production strains. Introduction of genes and/or elimination of selected genes will be conducted, depending on which product is sought to be produced in larger quantities or which by-product is targeted for elimination. A range of new isolations will be tested, cloned and benchmarked against already well documented production strains.

Demonstration (WP6)
Using BioGasols existing pilot plant with continuous pre-treatment and fermentation reactors and new 2m3 reactors the processes developed in WP2 will be scaled up. Also further optimisation of the continuous pre-treatment will be made to support the requirements from other partners.

Project coordination
As BioGasol is the work package leader of WP1 & WP6, much effort will be put into ensuring efficient and timely implementation of both work packages, as well as integration into the rest of the project.


BioGasol is an engineering and technology company developing and designing technologies for second-generation bioethanol production. BioGasol is based on technology developed at the Technical University of Denmark in the areas of pre-treatment of lignocellulosic materials. BioGasol´s process technology is innovative and offers a cost effective production processed lignocellulosic biomass with potential of being fermented into biofuels such as bioethanol, hydrogen, methane and other valuable by-products. BioGasol´s process technology has the potential of becoming the future industry standard for lignocellulosic based bioethanol production. The company was founded January 2006 with Professor Birgitte Kiær Ahring as a one of the co-founders. It is a fast growing company, from the start-up in January 2006 with five employes. The company has three departments, i.e. the department of engineering with responsibility for design and development of plants, machine and process technology; the department of research and development for development of new processes and process technologies, and a business development for sales and spreading of BioGasol technologies, and a communication unit. The enterprise BioGasol was one of the driving forces behind developing the “Maxifuels Concept”, and is now a contractor of the second-generation bioethanol demonstration plant at Bornholm. In January 2009, BioGasol received the prestigious Red Herring award. The well known media company, Red Herring, has appointed BioGasol to be among the 100 most innovative companies in the world.


Rune Skovgaard-Peterson, Director of Design and Engineering
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